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8th-Jun-2020 09:43 pm - Voice Mail (and Guest Book)
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"You have reached the Girard Foundation. For your convenience, we've added an automated menu. Our options have changed, so please listen carefully,

"For charitable deeds, please press one. For ecoterrorism, please press two. For animal control, please press three. If this is an emergency, please open your window and scream bloody murder. If we owe you money, please hold the line--" CLICK!

Messages may be either in character or out of character (or both!) ♥

6th-Jan-2011 02:56 pm - Homecoming; The Lonesome Valley
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"I'll only take a minute."

Freyja could do naught but stand there mute, listening to the winter wind beat down on the weathered eaves and shingles of the Chatsworth House as Oni walked up the long driveway alone. They'd put this off for as long as they dared, testing the limit of Oni's patience as her two surviving packmates hemmed and hawwed on how safe, how wise it was to chance getting caught... By the Children of Gaia. They could wait until the house was empty, sure, but how could anyone guess if the wolves that destroyed their pack had left behind any spiritual sentinels-- Eyes and ears that they were powerless to detect.

"The risk is too great," she'd wanted to say, "they may still be watching," but she hadn't the heart to raise her voice to point out what Oni surely must have known, not now, and besides-- It wasn't the real reason she'd keep the she-wolf from going inside, if she could. She knew what she might find, how badly she might take it. Their alpha was holding it together by a gossamer thread but, as much as Freyja didn't want anything to upset that delicate balance, she knew she couldn't protect her from this... And so the unvoiced worries hung heavy in the growing distance between them like a storm cloud, thick and brooding.

Standing beside Freyja, partially supporting her weight against his own, Ashley was struggling to bite back misgivings of his own. Dangers aside, he didn't see why they didn't just get it over with quickly, like ripping off a bandaid; Put her and her family in a locked room until they hashed everything out and settled their grievances. He didn't think their alpha should have to do this alone although he thought he understood the reason why; Oni didn't want anyone to see her when she felt vulnerable-- Not even her own packmates, those that had brought her back to life. Not even after everything they'd been through. Everything they'd lost.

He knew that even if he tried to help her through this, she wouldn't let him. That didn't stop him from trying, however, and as he wrapped Freyja's shoulders in a thick black Shal-- Eyota's Shal --and hugged her body to him against the wind, he barked out "Oni!"

She turned her head to look at him, acknowledging that she'd heard him... But she didn't stop, and he didn't try again.
5th-Jan-2011 03:44 pm - Written in the Stars
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Kennel Booksellers, Books and Rarities
California State University, Fresno CA

The skies were just beginning to darken over Fresno as a lone figure swept leaves and street litter from the stoop of his bookstore. He largely ignored the sunset-- the same as any other by his reasoning --stopping only long enough to dump the trash and rub the stiffness from his back. Turning, he flicked a switch that killed the lights across the storefront, flipping a sign that hung behind the glass door from 'open' to 'closed' on his way back inside.

"Alright, that's a wrap," he muttered, wiping the dirt from his hands clean across the skirt of his apron, "Just remember to lock up the door behind you, Sid."

"Thanks, Frank," answered Sid, an older man seated at one of the old-fashioned library tables, hands resting on the yellowing pages of a book, the title of which was fading from the spine in its antiquity. They seemed well suited to each other, the book and the reader, each wearing the stamp of the passage of time like a badge of honor without a care for appearances. He was in for a long night if the stack of books at his elbow, patiently awaiting his attention, were any indication but they may as well have not existed at all so engrossed was he in this particular study, leaning well back in his chair until it was balanced precariously on its hind legs, his reading glasses dangling, forgotten, from between his teeth.

Only the sudden sound of flapping wings pulled him out of the spell he'd been under, and his chair met the floor with a scraping clap! that was way too loud in the silence of the book store as he looked up, expecting to find that a pigeon had flown inside at some point earlier that day. What he found, instead, was a young woman standing between the aisles, her back turned towards him. 

He frowned. What was she doing there? Frank must have forgotten to lock the door, again. "Excuse me," he sighed, pushing the chair back from the table as he made to stand, "I'm afraid we're clo-- "

He'd moved to cross the faded green carpet between them, but the first step he took into her shadow made a loud, wet squish-- Dark crimson bubbled out of the fabric beneath the weight of his foot. She turned to face him, then, and confusion turned into alarm at the sight of her scalded flesh. He jerked back the hand that had been reaching out to touch her shoulder so fast that he bumped into the table behind him and knocked over the lamp. As it fell to the floor, it threw her features into harsh, gruesome clarity, distorting the shadows behind her that dripped from the shelves down to the carpet in pools of cloying blood---


Sidney came awake with a start, wildly bolting upright in his bed with his sheets tangled tight as a noose all about him. Wincing as his heart palpitated painfully inside his chest, the former-Strider waited for the ghostly white glow to fade from his eyes. He hadn't had a sleeping vision in years-- Had carefully avoided it, in fact. --But something about the woman in his dream... He knew with crystal clarity that he'd seen her before. Still panting for breath, he picked up a journal, one kept at his bedside table for exactly this purpose, and wrote down everything that he could remember seeing. And then he picked up the phone.

***This is the first piece I have written in almost a year. Please be patient with me as I get back into the swing of writing, thanks. ♥
22nd-Aug-2009 10:29 pm - Meme; Genders
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Stolen from [profile] girl_ofsecrets. Note to self: Self, meme's are NOT content...

You Are 60% Boyish... ) "Oh, what in the bleedin' fuck?"
16th-Aug-2009 10:44 pm - Meme; Taste the Rainbow
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Your Colors Say You Are Caring... ) "Oh, please."
Oni' colors were glacial blue, fiery red, sunshine yellow, mossy green, and violet satin.*
2nd-Aug-2009 07:47 pm - Meme; Meta!Claire's Meme
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Stolen (or something similar) from [profile] girl_ofsecrets . Discuss a fear!

{After threatening the interviewer AND key-grip, Oni starts to talk--}
Somethin' I fear? Can it be anything? S'gotta be somethin' tangible, eh? Fine. Sharks. Ne me regarde pas comme ça!-- Them beady little eyes. Th'goddamn *gesturing vaguely* electric-shaver mouth. I'm tellin' you, that ain't a thing of Gaia. I don't even play in kiddie-pools because of 'em. People're always like "There won't be any sharks". How do you know that? You don't know that! Show me the article in Science, "No Sharks In Kiddie-Pools", and then--!

(A little bit of tongue-in-cheek. Enjoy!)
24th-Jul-2009 07:22 pm - Meme; Fill In the Blanks
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Stolen from [profile] girl_ofsecrets . I can already tell this is a bad idea, but as I'm always willing to make a bad idea worse...

- I _____ Oni.
- Oni is _____
- Oni likes to _____
- I want to _____ Oni.
- Oni can _____
- Someday Oni will _____
- Oni reminds me of _____
- Without Oni, it will be _____
- Right now, I bet Oni is thinking about _____
- Oni makes me want to _____
- If I could spend the day with Oni, I'd _____
- Oni is made of _____
- If I could be Oni for a day, I'd _____
- Oni's alter-ego is _____
- I want to give Oni _____
- If I could set Oni up with someone it'd be
14th-Jul-2009 09:25 am - Nightmares
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Takes place after "Transformation" and before "Uproot".

Some nights, the spirits gave her omens. In her dreams, they sent her visions that foretold of dooms that might never come to pass. Otherwise, the she-wolf dreamt of snow, cold and white. Oni ran naked in the dark, chasing white-spotted stags under the cover of fresh, young pine boughs that, heavy laden, bowed down to brush against her cool skin. Simple. The object of her hunt changed, often in the same dream; Elk, moose, boar, and bear-- Or a beast that bore a resemblance to all four --It didn't matter. Tonight, she dreamed that she slept upon a bed of nails... )
19th-Jun-2009 08:39 pm - Meme; Flowers
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A Lily Says You're Very Enticing
You are playful, flirty, and friendly.
You can easily light up a room... or someone's heart.

Your unique personality attracts a lot of attention!
Your cute ways get you in trouble. People can't help but be a little jealous of you.

The purple one was gonna be my second choice...
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