Let me show you dudes what I'd do to protect this
Shoot at you actors like movie directors
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8th-Jun-2020 09:43 pm - Voice Mail (and Guest Book)
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"You have reached the Girard Foundation. For your convenience, we've added an automated menu. Our options have changed, so please listen carefully,

"For charitable deeds, please press one. For ecoterrorism, please press two. For animal control, please press three. If this is an emergency, please open your window and scream bloody murder. If we owe you money, please hold the line--" CLICK!

Messages may be either in character or out of character (or both!) ♥

onikins: (Well shit)
 So, I've fallen off the face of the planet for the last two weeks. I am so, so sorry. New routine, plus kid's off from school-- Anyway, I'm going to try to pull my head out of my butt. If I owe you a tag (and I probably do,) drop me a line. 

Also, it's my freaking BIRTHDAY! So any replies I get to tonight might meander towards nonsense because I'm bound and determined to get drunk. WHOOOOOO.
8th-Sep-2016 04:39 pm - Drabble [WIP]
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 Freya once sacrificed her sight to save Onida's life, so that's why the she-wolf is spending her weekend at a bookstore instead of a bar, looking like she just may die of boredom. Rare editions on the occult aren't available in braille, after all, and Freya needs Oni to read the titles aloud to her.

"Gaia, if you're listening, I just need one earthquake. It don't even have t'be a really big one..."
8th-Jul-2016 10:01 pm
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Happy Birthday to meee. Now GIMME ALL YOUR TAGS.
3rd-Jul-2016 10:32 pm - Song of the Month: July 2016
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This is exactly how I imagine it goes down when Oni has had too much to drink.

[...Dancing on the balcony...]
[...Wildly throwing punches at the air...]
[...Dialing her pretend-foot-phone...]

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